ASSA is an acronym for Australian Self-starting Sprintcar Association but could easily stand for AFFORDABLE Self-starting Sprintcar Association.

The V8 powered WINGLESS SPRINTCAR concept developed by racer Wayne Milburn uses the ubiquitous LS1 Holden V8 engine found in many older Commodore sedans with a few minor modifications to allow the use of methanol fuel instead of pump gas and will cost around $5,000 complete.

“The difference between my engines and the West Australian concept is that on my cars you don’t have to throw away a perfectly good fuel injection system and manifold and then have the additional expense of buying a new manifold and carby at extra cost,” Explained Milburn.  “The LS1 V8 is perfect for this application just the way it is with some minor mods to the fuel system, and all up with the kit I’ve developed the cost is around $5,000 not the $8,000 I’ve heard from the WA group.”


Without a wing, the car is a lot freer and the LS1 provides ample power and torque and best of all makes all the right noise that Aussie fans love.

Milburn has been quietly pushing on with his concept and to date has completed the construction of six ASSA V8’s in readiness for their public debut in early July.

Sunday July 3rd is set down as the public unveiling with a full blown race meeting scheduled for the previously dormant Heathcote Park Raceway (HPR).

Milburn has been a long standing friend of HPR owner Russell Clarke, and the two have reached agreement for the track to be refurbished and reignited as a regular speedway venue once again.

“Not only do I want to get the ASSA Sprintcars up and running but I also want to bring HPR back into the speedway mainstream as I have never lost sight of its potential and think it’s the perfect venue for ASSA to race at,” Milburn stated. “I think its central location makes it an ideal location to draw competitors and fans from all around Victoria.”

Milburn previously promoted a Victorian 360 Sprintcar Championship at HPR back when no-one else seemed to be interested in the “Budget” Winged Sprintcar Division.

Along with the development of his cars, Milburn has also invested in a car freighter that can transport up to ten Sprintcars to events at any one time.

 The cars have been extensively shaken down with drivers the calibre of Matthew Reed and Paul Solomon amongst others putting them through their paces and helping to expedite the development of and eradication of any issues that have arisen.

 Milburn also has ambitions to bring back to life another long dormant speedway located South-east of Melbourne at which to also run ASSA events with further details to be released later.

Further details about ASSA can be obtained by contacting Wayne Milburn on 0427 350 482 or facebook at Wayne Milburn or email at